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G A L L E R Y & C L A S S E S

Stoneworks Studio & Gallery offers stone sculpture classes by appointment. Students work on their own individual alabaster sculptures from rough cut, air chiseling, filling, dry and wet sanding to it's finish. They prepare the stone stand and mount the finished piece. It's amazing to see the transformation of the stone and the student.

Within this program, they not only create but study artists and art history, terminology, various media, styles and schools. They see how art is a reflection of society and thus, discover much about the world, past and present.

Each student learns how to work in several types of media, eventually developing his own style. While gaining in artistic skill, they also develop perseverance, the ability to respect other's space and an appreciation of their own abilities those of their peers.

Stoneworks Studio & Gallery is open by appointment 7 days a week.
Stone sculpture classes are available by calling: 805.643.5431.

stoneworks studio and gallery stone sculpture

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